Euclidean Sequencer
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The Euclidean Sequencer is a 16×16 step sequencer with MIDI and OSC output as well as sound file playback. It utilises a novel implementation of the Euclicean Algorithm to generate cyclic rhythmic patterns as outlined in Godfried Toussaint’s paper “The Euclidean algorithm generates traditional musical rhythms”. The sequencer was designed to work with the Mutable Instruments CV Pal Eurorack Module for live modular synth performance however it can be configured to communicate with most existing hardware and software.

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Jurassic Panner
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Jurassic Panner is a twenty in, eight out, flocking algorithm panner with OSC control built in Pure Data.
It makes use of the the Boids extention which is based on Simon Fraser’s implementation of Craig Reynolds’ Boids algorithm. Boids is a bird flight and animal flock simulator. It is the algorithm which was used in Jurassic Park for the herding dinosaurs. Jurassic Panner is available for download on github.


Gesture Recognition and Electroacoustic Composition

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jh.Leap tools is a suite of compositional tools developed in Pure Data that utilise gestural interaction via the Leap Motion device. The source for these tools is available on GitHub. The tools currently include a sampler, a changeable pattern multi channel panner, a tremolo and a reverb. As well as these major tools the suite also includes a large variety of smaller utilities which allow gesture recognition to be quickly implemented in new and existing Pure Data patches.. I am currently working on a granulation tool as well as an ambisonic panner.

jh.leap (v 0.1.0) – for Mac, Windows and Linux

A dissertation outlining my research into gesture recognition and the jh.Leap tools is available for download on

The jh.Leap Visualiser