About Me


Jonathan Higgins is a composer and sound artist from Surrey who has completed a BMus in Music and an MA in Sonic Arts at the University of Sheffield. In September 2017 he will begin a PhD programme at City University, London conducting research titled ‘The Plasticity of Noise’, under the supervision of Dr Tullis Rennie. Jonathan works with a variety of different media, including: fixed electroacoustic music, instrumental music, live electronics and sound installations. His music is focused around an exploration of noise, looking to stretch the boundaries of what is and isn’t considered ‘noise’.

He has presented numerous electroacoustic works both in the UK and internationally, most recently at the International Computer Music Conference (Athens 2014, Texas 2015, Uterecht 2016), Noise Floor (Staffordshire 2015, 2017), Sounds Like THIS (Leeds, 2017), Sines and Squares (Manchester 2016), iFIMPaC (Leeds 2016), Metanast (Manchester 2014) and Sound Junction (Sheffield 2014-2016). He received a Jury Award in the Binaural/Nodar – Viseu Rural 2.0 Electroacoustic Music Competition for his piece Disinter. His electroacoustic remix of Gary Carpenter’s Neiderau played by the Tempest Flute Trio was shortlisted for the Nonclassical 10 Remix Contest. Fragments, a piece based on Humpty Dumpty received a runners up prize in the USSS Nursery Rhymes competition.

His instrumental works include: Matryoshka, for piano and live electronics and Schutzwall, a chamber opera for two sopranos and live electronics. Matryoshka is regularly performed around the UK by the Edison Ensemble. Schutzwall received a work in progress performance as part of Second Movement’s Rough for Opera 15 and this summer will be featured at both the Manchester Opera Project: Festival 1 and Tête à Tête Festival 2017.

Jonathan has completed residencies at the Furnace Park Project in Sheffield (December 2014 – August 2015) and with La Wayaka Current in the Kuna Yala province of Panama (May – June 2017). During his residency at the Furnace Park Project Jonathan produced the piece Digital Spaces which was included as part of the plastiCities//foundry exhibition at 35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield. In Panama, Jonathan worked with the indigenous community of Armila on two new pieces of work. The first Dada, Gabsus is a soundscape based web/gallery installation and the second, Diuar is a large scale electroacoustic concert piece. These two pieces are due to be released in late 2017.