Glitch Turntablism


Jonathan Higgins is a sound artist and performer based in London whose work focuses on the utilisation of noise as a generative force. His latest project Glitch Turntablism was born out of a frustration with digital DJ equipment. CDJs and DJ software primarily imitate vinyl; instead, Jonathan has modified CD players to uncover the noise hidden within digital audio, utilising these to manipulate audio live.

bootlegs ep

bootlegs began as two low quality recordings of glitch turntablism gigs. To make the first track of the EP, these raw, unprocessed recordings were burnt to CDs, improvised with and the output recorded in a single continuous take. This improvisation was then burnt to CDs and used as the source material for an improvisation for the second track; this iterative process was repeated for each track on the EP. With each iteration the sounds become further removed from the original bootleg gig recordings until eventually almost all trace is lost. By the end all that is left is the sound of the CD players themselves.

bootlegs is available to order now from Fractal Meat Cuts on Bandcamp