Fixed Media

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Torpor – 2016

Due to their small size and lack of insulating downy feathers hummingbirds rapidly lose body heat to their surroundings. Because of this hummingbirds must regularly consume large quantities of nectar and insects to feed their rapid metabolism. To survive when sleeping at night hummingbirds must enter a state of reduced physiological activity called torpor. This process involves the bird lowering its internal temperature to a level barely able to maintain life, becoming hyperthermic. Doing so allows the bird to reduce its metabolic rate by as much as 95%, causing the bird to consume up to 50 times less energy. Alexander Wilson first described torpid hummingbirds in his book, American Ornithology; “No motion of the lungs could be perceived […] the eyes were shut, and, when touched by the finger, [the bird] gave no signs of life or motion.” Awaking from a torpid state takes approximately 20 minutes; the bird gently vibrates its wing muscles to warm the blood supply. This process leaves the hummingbird with just enough energy supplies to survive the first feeding bouts of the morning.

Stratum – 2016


A layer of material, naturally or artificially formed, often one of a number of parallel layers one upon another.

Inaudible Soundscapes – 2015
The human senses only allow us to experience a very narrow section of the world around us, Inaudible Soundscapes is an exploration of what we cannot hear. Focusing on the interplay between pitch and noise in the turbulent sound world of the inaudible; the piece is composed of recordings of electromagnetic waves outputted by various pieces of audio hardware, presenting the medium of delivery as the piece itself.

Digital Spaces – 2015Composed for the Furnace Park Project, Digital Spaces is an exploration of noise through the resonance of the real world. The sounds used throughout the work were generated by converting images of the park into audio; this harsh noise was then processed using convolution to allow these digital sounds to interact with real spaces and resonances captured at the park.

Niederau – Gary Carpenter / Tempest Flute Trio – (Jonathan Higgins Remix) – 2014Niederau (Remix) focuses on a slow disintegration of the original flute sounds resulting in a gradual transition from a natural sound world into an electronic, abstract one. With the flute being a classical instrument I looked to the forms associated with that aesthetic when structuring the piece; for this reason I chose to write in rounded binary form.

This piece is a remix of Gary Carpenter’s “Niederau” played by the Tempest Flute Trio. It was shortlisted for the Nonclassical 10: Remix Competition.

Drum Solo – 2014Originally for 4 channel surround plus LFE.

The drum kit offers an eclectic mix of sounds and although not pitched offers one of the widest harmonic ranges of all western instruments. Drum Solo is an exploration of the timbral qualities of the drum kit and the musical possibilities of the noise based sounds that these can create. The piece focuses on the interplay between stasis and rhythm changing rapidly between noise based drones and glitch inspired beats.