Building the Suite

The last few days have been a little hectic. An organisational oversight meant the piano I was supposed to be modifying was not in the workshop but, instead locked in castle house. A fair bit of administrative tooing and froing had to be done to make sure that, not only I had a piano but, that I wasn’t going to be permanently modifying a piano someone else had to use. All credit has to go to my team of architects who managed to sort all of that out. Unfortunately whilst they did manage to sort out a piano for me to use, there was only one day and a morning when I could get access to it, to modify it prior to our installation.

I have spent most of today and yesterday days tangled in wires getting grumpy at the piano (much to the amusement of various architects working in the workshop). I started by fitting the wooden beam that the motors would be attached to inside the piano, once this was done I moved onto the more daunting task of building all the electronics. After beginning by soldering the circuits it quickly became apparent that I could not solder fast enough to build five separate circuits in time. With some careful planning I managed to come up with a layout that meant five circuits could fit on one breadboard, saving me the wasted time of yet another trip to Maplins. Once I had built all the circuits I was delighted that they all ran perfectly on my first try. It is a good job I wrote the code for the Arduino beforehand as I wouldn’t have had time to do it yesterday. After attaching the motors to the wooden beam I ran the wiring down from the top of the piano into the base where the Arduino and circuits were. Stupidly I didn’t think to label any of the ten identical red wires. So, when one motor stopped spinning I had to use trial and error to identify which wire had come loose. Once it was all wired in it was time for a test run, here is a video of the motors in action in the Arts Tower workshop:

Tomorrow is the day of the installation and I cannot wait to see how the piano looks in the space. The team I have been working with have done an excellent job of getting everything organised from tomorrow including arranging transportation for the piano and sourcing PPE for us all to wear on the site. Hopefully the rain will hold off as the hotel is not significantly shielded from the elements. Most of the ground floor has no walls.

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